“​I have had a professional relationship with Acclivity Healthcare since late 2002, shortly after I moved to Arizona. Acclivity has filled many vacancies for me. In 2003, I was opening a new central business office and they were my primary resource for filling 10 newly created positions. I also have since been placed in position myself by Acclivity so I have worked with them on both sides of the equation. I have worked with a number of other vendors in Phoenix as well, and it quickly became apparent to me that the quality of the applicants referred to me from Acclivity were the most consistent. I found that the likelihood that an individual would fit the criteria I was looking for was higher. When the time came that I was placed by Acclivity myself, I understood why. They was not just interested in placing me, but interested in making sure that it was a good fit for everyone involved. I would personally recommend Acclivity Healthcare to anyone without hesitation, based on my prior experience.”