For healthcare hiring managers, recruiting excellent staff has always been a top priority. Looking at the current healthcare employment statistics, hiring the right people has become even more challenging. Between the increase in the aging population and the large number of open positions that are going unfilled for longer spans of time, your organization is in heavy competition to recruit top talent.

Promoting your organization as a good place to work has never been more important. Healthcare professionals are in high demand, which means that employees have more options to choose from.

A main component of your marketing strategy should include the ways that you use marketing outreach to promote your facility.

Using Marketing Outreach to Bolster Your Hiring Process

There are a lot of considerations when hiring new personnel. You want to make sure the candidate is a fit for your organization and that they bring new energy to your team that doesn’t detract from the current culture. Traditionally, the candidate has been the one concerned about impressing the interviewer. That’s not entirely the case in the current job climate. Because there are so many open positions with so much growth in the industry, healthcare employees are in a position to scrutinize prospective employers to a high degree before accepting a position.

For your organization, marketing outreach magnifies your message for the quality candidates you’d like to interview. In this case, it’s not about marketing everywhere, but instead targeting your message to the correct audience.

Here are a few ideas to help your organization stand out:

  • Build Your Organization’s Brand. Healthcare organization’s don’t always think of their brand in terms of employees. Your marketing department or the agency that handles your marketing has probably worked on building brand recognition for patients. You can use this material when promoting open positions, as well. When you consider building your brand for prospective employees, look at the organizations that traditionally land on the “top healthcare companies to work for” lists, locally and nationally. You’re likely offering some of the same benefits already. Studying their success in creating a satisfying work environment can give you some ideas on ways to improve the employee experience in your facility.
  • Stay Current on the Job Market. One of the biggest mistakes hiring managers make is in not doing their due diligence in researching the competition. In order to offer the most enticing package to prospective employees, you need to know what types of offers they’re seeing for your competition. Salary is always going to be a major factor and you need to stay current on what the going rate is for each type of position. There are other benefit packages that have become important as new generations enter the field, as well. Some of the benefits include personal time, work from home opportunities, and opportunities to advance their education through your organization.
  • Use Your Social Networks and Online Presence. Your online presence has become one of the best marketing initiatives that you have. Virtually all of your prospective employees will find you online. Even when a candidate is recommended through a contact, they will likely research your presence online before applying for a position or reaching out. This makes managing and promoting your facility strongly online a top priority. Make sure that all the channels you use (website, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) stay on brand with the message your organization has cultivated. These networks should be diligently managed so that inquiries are answered in a timely manner. You should also make certain to keep a good eye on sites that review your services so that you can respond to users. This part of the process is two-fold, it helps you market to prospective patients, as well as future staff.

Open positions in the healthcare field are projected to grow over the coming years. If the projected statistics hold true, it will be increasingly important for you to build a hiring strategy that entices the right personnel while cultivating an environment for long term employee growth.