Dear Readers,

Welcome to the August edition of The Acclivity Health Report!

August marks the final weeks of summer and we are looking forward to cooler days ahead! We hope that our readers were able to recharge and relax with a little time off over the summer season. To stay fresh and motivated with our career, it is important to find that “work life balance” we have all heard about. A good balance involves making good use of the Paid Time Off offered to us, but unfortunately many people do not use their Paid Time Off wisely, or at all.

In fact, studies show that roughly half of full-time workers don’t use all of their Paid Time Off. With employee burn out at an all time high, especially in the healthcare industry, it’s important now more than ever for employers to encourage their hard-working employees to take advantage of PTO. Our featured article on motivating your team throughout the year highlights, among many things, the importance of prioritizing work-life balance in your company’s culture.

For our Job Seekers looking to find a fit in a company with great work-life balance and culture, we invite you to take a look and bookmark our job board. We pride ourselves in introducing the job seekers we represent to the best opportunities in healthcare. Contact us today to and we’ll get started on finding your dream job!

Sincerely,Ted French, President and Founder

Ted French

Founder and President

Acclivity Healthcare