Healthcare is experiencing a massive period of job growth. That’s great news for professionals in the healthcare field and people who are considering healthcare as a career. For healthcare hiring managers, though, it’s made the hiring process far more competitive.

Great professionals know that they have many options in choosing their next job. Those options mean that they’re more prone to leave their current position if they’re not completely satisfied. They also have the luxury of being far more discerning in where they choose to apply for a position and which offers they will consider.

The competition for stellar healthcare professionals isn’t altogether a negative thing. For your organization, employee satisfaction is key in maintaining a productive work environment. Your organization should strive for some of the same things that prospective employees need – a great work environment.

The recruitment process does need to change in order to attract new talent who want different things than their predecessors did.

Revamping your Recruitment Strategy

Attracting top talent is your starting point. New professionals aren’t following the old models for finding their ideal career. In order to attract the best talent, you need to help them find you. Here are five ways to modernize your recruitment techniques so that the best and brightest will find your organization.

  • Market Your Openings. Putting a generic job ad online is simply not the best way to market your current openings. First, start with your ad and make sure that it grabs attention, is clear, and is truthful to the position and your company. Next, consider how to get the word our about this great position. You can add the listing to online job boards and industry specific sites. You should also promote the opening on your own social media channels, website, and with your current employees. Word of mouth marketing is some of the most effective, so make sure you find ways to ask your employees to consider recommending people for open positions.
  • Build Your Online Brand. Your online brand should be an extension of your company. The brand speaks to your mission and who you are as a healthcare organization. For you recruiting efforts, making sure that your brand includes the benefits for employees is a must. This might include employee centric posts on social media and mentions in industry websites about employee programs or culture. When a prospective employee searches you, they should find a great deal of good information about who you are as an employer.
  • Automate Your Talent Search. Hiring the old-fashioned way is difficult. You’ll get hundreds of resumes, many from unqualified applicants. After that, you need to set up interviews, research references, and narrow down choices. Fortunately, there are some great software and technology to help you automate parts of the recruitment process. You might invest in a CRM system that helps you organize applicants or other software to automatically send out follow-up information, such as surveys.
  • Showcase Your Employee Benefits and Culture on Your Website. Include a section of your website devoted to employee culture and open positions. This can be easily searchable for new applicants and include everything from benefits, programs, fun events for employees, and other perks of working in your facility.
  • Partner with a Staffing Service. The recruitment process can be difficult, and a staffing service can help in a number of ways. At Acclivity, we help our clients find the best qualified staff from a pool of talent that they won’t find through traditional methods. This saves our healthcare organizations time and guarantees that the recruits they hire are well vetted and excellent at their chosen field.

The healthcare industry has changed significantly. Make sure that your recruitment process speaks to the best and brightest professionals so that you can build the best team for your organization.