Over the years, our team has surveyed more than 350 healthcare executives to find out what they view as the most common traits of their best employees. We refer to these traits as the Top 10 Traits of an Indispensable Employee. We wanted to share this list with our readers because we believe that these traits, when known and understood, can greatly assist job seekers by providing insight about what personality and behavior traits are most desirable to hiring managers.

In addition, the list can provide hiring managers with the attributes they should try to discover in applicants interviewing for their open positions.

These Top 10 Traits of an Indispensable Employee are:

10) Loyalty

9) Professionalism

8) Ethics

7) Team Player

6) Adaptability

5) Communication

4) Expertise

3) Leadership

2) Attitude

1) Accountability.

We will expand on each of these traits in future issues.