Welcome to the March edition of The Acclivity Health Report! February marked the largest jump in hospital job adds since September 2022, with healthcare adding 44,200 jobs comprising about 14.2% of the economywide 311,000 jobs added. Like the job market, this year has been very busy with a fast pace. Employers and employees are feeling it as well, with pressure to finish different tasks quickly, and many of us feeling the necessity to juggle multiple priorities simultaneously. In today’s workplace, doing just one thing at a time seems like it’s just not very efficient.

On the contrary, experts say that multitasking your way through the day is not nearly as efficient as people think. Instead, you should consider prioritizing and organizing your desk so that you can determine and tackle the most important items first. Then manage your desk in the way that best fits you. This may mean creating time slots for certain tasks, writing to-do lists, and/or creating an organization system that fits the needs of your workload.

Regardless of what may work for the rest of your team, make sure you create a workspace that’s efficient for you – and remember the power of focus! You’ll complete your priorities in less time overall and with greater quality if you tackle them one at a time.

We hope you enjoy this edition of The Acclivity Health Report. Thanks for reading!