The jobs report in June showed U.S. employers added 209,000 jobs which is below the pace of recent months but still a very solid number. The job market is cooling but surprisingly still pretty “hot”. Speaking of temperatures, it’s been an especially HOT summer for most of the country and we can’t wait for the cooler temperatures of Fall to arrive. Lots of families are using this time to take a much-needed break. Soon we are back at our desks, buried with work, and trying to catch up quickly. It’s normal to wonder whether the stress and pressure of all the catch-up work after a vacation outweighs the benefit of the personal getaway.

Achieving some level of work/life balance is a key factor for happiness in life and long-term professional success. Most companies who attract the best employees and have the highest retention rates create environments where work/life balance is prioritized. Here at Acclivity we hope you’re well-rested and ready for whatever comes next.