Whether a pay raise, promotion, or a new career are among your professional goals, the 8 tips below may serve as useful in your mission to make this the year for your career!

Set Goals

It’s easier than you think! Envision your ideal dream job and then work towards it. Determine what specific steps you need to take in order to get there, and then start a strategic journey to make it happen. If you’re unsure about the best strategy, seek the advice of a trusted peer or experienced Recruiter. You can make anything happen in your life, but only if you believe in it.

Be Alert

Make sure that each day provides a learning opportunity. Whether reading up on industry developments or learning from your most successful colleagues. Don’t just go through the motions at work. Grow and develop every day.

Expand Skills

Know what your strengths are but also look to develop areas which you perceive as weaknesses. A weakness can always be turned into strength. Keep your resume updated so it’s not a headache when it comes to reformatting. Make sure your resume reflects career highlights and achievements, as well as development and progression so far.


This will make life a lot easier and far more efficient! Make sure you prioritize important tasks daily. When we’re disorganized, too much time is occupied by things that keep us busy but are not a priority and so we are prevented from using our time in the most beneficial way. You will reap the rewards of good, and consistent, organization.

Be Proactive

Plan to seek and find opportunities for professional development. You don’t need to commit much in the way of time or money to benefit from this. In many cases, you can find free resources within your organization, as well as outside. Make a note of all areas you wish to learn and progress in, then jump at any chance to receive professional development in that subject.

Be Patient

Be aware that the job of your dreams will not likely come to you overnight. It will be worth the effort when you do find it. Work steadily and patiently towards what you want to achieve and make the most of every situation. Take away a lesson from every experience, whether it be it positive or negative.


It’s frequently said that it’s not what you know but who you know. This highlights the importance of making contacts, reconnecting with fellow professionals, colleagues, friends, and family. Through them you may hear of opportunities which otherwise you would miss.

Pursue Happiness

Look for the signals which show that you are not in the right job for you. If every morning is a chore to go to your job you should start making plans for an escape! Keep your eyes open for other opportunities and be ready.