Many people have had a rough year. The news channels immerse us in a constant stream of bad news, economic challenges, natural disasters, and human tragedy. Unfortunately, we all know how easy it is to become fixated on bad news. That’s why we should try to resist the impulse to focus on negatives and focus on the many GREAT things that also surround us. Most of us understand we’re in control of our own destinies, but sometimes forget about the power of our own thoughts and feelings.

This idea also relates very closely to success in the workplace and the interview process. Hiring managers today are seeking motivated employees with ‘pep in their step’ in addition to the technical skills and specific experience. The resume is important, of course, but our experience has shown that most hiring managers will usually choose a candidate with slightly less experience who projects a more positive attitude and passion for their work. That’s why there’s a very low unemployment rate for workers who make an effort to bring a smile every day. It’s called a ‘CAN DO’ attitude, and it’s a very common trait among top performing employees.