When managers and executives get caught up worrying about the overall success of the company, it’s easy to forget about the little things that make employees want to work for them. A happy work environment attracts good employees which increases productivity and creates a successful future for your company. There are many ways to create or improve a happy organization. Try implementing the following tips:

  1. Incorporate the Positive: It is often easy to overlook the positive and go straight to the negative when reviewing employee productivity. Instead of just going over what didn’t work, focus on a few positives and then move on to what needs to be improved upon. This will give your employees an idea of what they need to work on as well as allowing them to feel confident in their position.
  2. Hire Happy Personalities: When interviewing candidates, it’s common for hiring managers to focus most on relevant experience and achievements and less on personality traits. A positive and happy personality is an intangible trait that cannot be taught. While a highly experienced individual is ideal, hiring a candidate with less experience but a great personality could be the best thing for your company.
  3. Encourage A Community Environment: Encouraging employees of all levels in the company to say hi and have a little conversation in passing creates a community environment. This is something that very busy focused people can tend to forget. Taking that extra step to interact with your coworkers and managers will create a more positive and comfortable atmosphere for everyone.
  4. Show Your Employees You Care: It’s been proven that productivity in the workplace increases when employees feel they are cared about. It’s not necessary to spend hours talking to your employees about their personal lives but taking a moment to ask how they’re doing could make a world of difference.
  5. Make Time for Teambuilding: Teambuilding activities that enforce positive outcomes can strengthen your team’s core. This helps create strong interpersonal ties and improve understanding between your employees. Often the lessons learned will carry over into other parts of the company as your team interacts with other employees.

It takes time and energy to create a happy workplace, but the results will be worth it! It may not seem like a major cultural change at first, however, once the changes are implemented the positivity in your workplace will become viral. This change will increase employee productivity, create job satisfaction and increase employee retention.