For decades, professional recruiters have played an important role in helping people advance their careers and find the job they want, but in recent years, the need for recruiters has become even more critical. Gone are the days when developing a simple resume and forwarding it to the human resources department was enough to ensure you received consideration for available job openings. Now, many companies search for qualified employees online, scanning profiles on social media sites in addition to reviewing resumes and cover letters. The result: Significant and widespread frustration as more and more jobseekers find themselves left behind in the scramble for the best jobs.

With the employment landscape in a state of flux, many jobseekers are rediscovering the substantial benefits of working with a recruiter to help them land the job they want, and their efforts are being rewarded with more interviews and better offers. Here’s why you should consider working with a recruiter for your next job search:

Your recruiter is on your side.

Your recruiter knows the ‘inside scoop’. Most applicants approach jobs blindly, armed only with the information supplied in the original job posting. Recruiters know all about the employer, hiring manager, and the position that you are applying for, including the strengths and abilities that can not only get you in the door, but get you the job you want. Working with a recruiter is the next best thing to having a friend on the ‘inside’ who can promote your interests and work hard on your behalf to get you hired.

Your recruiter doesn’t get paid unless you get the job.

Most recruiters work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid when they do the job they’re intended to do: Match great applicants with great jobs. If you don’t get hired, all that time they’ve invested in you won’t pay off for them. That means they’re going to make sure the openings they match you with are realistic and based on your unique set of skills, which gives you a better chance of impressing interviewers and snagging that job.

Your recruiter can move you to the head of the pack.

Employers know that recruiters depend on applicants for their own livelihood, and that means they also know recruiters bring qualified applicants to them. Recognizing you as a qualified employee from the start puts you way ahead of the other resumes that arrive through the mail or email.

So, if you’re embarking on a new job search or in the middle of a search that’s been disappointingly unproductive, consider doing what thousands of jobseekers have done to position themselves more competitively; Speak with a recruiter about your options and learn what it’s like to have someone put your best interests first for a change.