Have you ever caught yourself saying, ‘I have the worst luck!’ or ‘I can’t catch a break!’? Well, you’re not alone. Most of us encounter challenges from time to time, but our perspectives on the challenges we face will dictate how we perceive and respond to the challenges. They say that you need to create your own luck and most positive, optimistic people believe this is true. This idea carries to the workplace as well. Most managers and other employees prefer to work with positive and optimistic people, that can create and maintain a positive atmosphere, while doing more with less. The ones that have a positive outlook, are forward thinkers, and that clearly illustrate the value they bring to an organization, will always set themselves apart from the crowd. While it may seem difficult to be that person sometimes, implementing the following four steps can help you change your mindset and shine brightly in the competitive job market.

G – Gain Perspective

Gaining perspective is simple, take a step back, assess yourself and your situation, and then use your ‘bad luck’ as a tool to create good luck. Evaluate your values, interests, and current roadblocks to develop the best approach for you.

L – Luminate the Goal

To ‘light up’ your goal, break down your current position into a list of must haves, nice to haves, and don’t wants. Let these criteria act as guidance towards the destination of your career. An illustration of your success plan will keep you motivated and always moving forward.

O – Own Your Actions

Put forth the effort that is required to make change happen. Do your research, explore your options, and execute your plan. Some parts of your plan may seem a lot more difficult than others, however, there are many ways to steer around the hurdles and continue pursuing your dream career.

W – Work It Daily

Keep your goals on the top of your mind. No matter how small, take steps daily to continue advancing towards your goal. Make your goal visible by creating a chart or spreadsheet so it is in front of you daily. Be sure to look at your goals frequently to assess if your current strategy and activities are helping you achieve your goal.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, mid-career professional, or seeking a change, applying the G.L.O.W. method will brighten the path to your future career goals.